Football clubs, schools and local communities take part in CUP26 to mark National Day of Climate Action

Clubs, organisations and schools are taking part in CUP26, a series of climate-friendly activities that aims to send message to world leaders; series of events coincides with global climate summit COP26 which is set to begin in Glasgow on October 31.

Thousands of football fans, families and schools will take part in CUP26, football’s biggest-ever climate tournament campaign, to score goals for their team and protect the planet.

Dressed in their football team’s colours, CUP26 players across the length and breadth of the UK are walking or cycling and eating a plant-based meal – sending a message to world leaders on climate change.

To coincide with a National Day of Climate Action, collective actions of football supporters will determine the tournament winner, while raising awareness of an important cause.

Tom Gribbin, CEO of Planet Super League, said: “Thousands of people around the UK are today ditching their cars, cooking up plant-based feasts and asking world leaders to protect the planet as part of CUP26’s National Day of Climate Action.

“Football has incredible power to mobilise fans on issues they care about, and by scoring their hat-trick of actions, fans are doing their bit for the planet and helping their club win the tournament.”