LeBron James said he received the vaccine but won’t advocate that others get it – Enes Kanter react

Boston Celtics forward Enes Kanter blasted LeBron James for refusing to become a public advocate for the coronavirus vaccine while some stars have struggled to come around to getting it.

In an interview on Saturday night, Kanter said he “couldn’t believe” the LA Lakers forward wasn’t using his large platform to push the vaccine.

“When I heard it, I was very disappointed, and it’s ridiculous. Obviously, LeBron James, he’s one of the faces of the league, and he should be the first one to go out there and say, ‘Listen, everyone. I got the vaccine, and I’m encouraging everyone, my community, everyone, basketball fans, non-basketball fans and sports fans are just going out there and get this vaccine, so we can save other lives.’

“When I heard that, I just couldn’t believe it. But I hope he can educate himself about this vaccination and inspire and encourage other people around him,” he told CNN.

James was asked about whether he received the COVID-19 vaccine after telling reporters earlier in the year he wasn’t going to reveal that information.

“I think everyone has their own choice to do what they feel is right for themselves and their family,” James said at Lakers’ media day. “I know that I was very (skeptical) about it all, but after doing my research and things of that nature, I felt like it was best suited for not only me but my family and my friends, and that’s why I decided to do it.”

He added that he won’t try to convince people to get the vaccine.

“We’re talking about individuals’ bodies,” James said. “We’re not talking about something that’s political or racism or police brutality and things of that nature.