The world’s best goalkeeper? Chelsea hero Mendy right up there despite ‘unacceptable’ Ballon d’Or snub

Edouard Mendy has become used to being doubted.

Whether it was when he found himself unemployed and facing up to a change in career back in 2016, or when eyebrows were raised as to why Chelsea were spending 22 million pounds on him 12 months ago, the Blues goalkeeper has routinely been underrated and misunderstood.

Perhaps, then, it will have come as no surprise to Mendy that, despite a stellar year between the sticks at Stamford Bridge, he was left off the shortlist of the 2021 Ballon d’Or.

“It is unacceptable. I do not understand,” fumed Mendy’s Senegal team-mate Sadio Mane upon hearing the news during the international break.

Mendy, though, was far more understated in his reaction.

“Honestly I am already very proud to represent my country and be among the 10 best goalkeepers in the world,” he said, referencing his nomination for France Football’s Yashin Trophy, which awards the year’s best shot-stopper.

“In just one year [at Chelsea], it’s a very good thing. I’m not satisfied with that, I have a lot of ambitions but it’s already a good step.

“There will always be debates, whether it’s about me or someone else. It is down to the freedom of the votes of the [Ballon d’Or] journalists and they must be respected.”

Mendy, you see, likes to do his talking on the pitch, and though his words suggested he does feel he has a point to prove, his performance against Brentford on Saturday certainly did.