Thiago Santos vs Johnny Walker – match stats

Thiago Santos

Key Stats: 11 KO/TKO wins (tied-third record-breaking), 13:52 normal battle time (fourth longest unequaled among LHW), +1.27 striking differential

What It Means: Thiago Santos is a completely knockout craftsman. He has every one of the specialized capacities you’d need in an undeniable level striker, however toward the day’s end, “Marreta” needs to take care of somebody with a horrendous strike. He works really hard of utilizing kicks to the body and stirring it up to the head, however when he gets into the pocket, he tosses wild and unstable snares and uppercuts. He’s down to stand-and-bang and has faith in his force more than the other person’s. At distance, he jumps at the chance to set up a turning high kick, which will start a wild succession, in any event.

Johnny Walker

Key Stats: 1.99 knockdowns each 15 minutes (fourth record-breaking), 3:46 normal battle time (fifth most brief record-breaking among LHW), 72% striking precision

What It Means: Walker is an innovative, dangerous and, on occasion, wild striker who loves tracking down an ostentatious knockout shot. He is frantically erratic when he surges in to trade. He is best from a good ways, where he can utilize all of his enormous and long edge for his potential benefit. He is additionally compelling from the Muay Thai secure, which permits him to toss horrible knees and elbows. Walker is generally risky in the first round when he is generally touchy, yet his force conveys on the off chance that he keeps himself out of danger shrewdly.