The fight between Alexa Grasso and Valentina Shevchenko ended in a split draw, and the champion kept her title

On Saturday in Las Vegas, there was no clear winner, but a high-stakes competition was established. Although Alexa Grasso remains the UFC women’s flyweight champion, the outcome was far from certain. At Noche UFC in Las Vegas on Saturday night, Grasso defeated Valentina Shevchenko to retain her championship in a split tie. After five rounds, the scorecards read 48-47 for Grasso, 48-47 for Shevchenko, and 47-47 for the winner, Grasso, who went on to win the match. What began this year as a surprising upset of an all-time great has now become the most significant rivalry in women’s flyweight history, regardless of the outcome of Saturday’s match. On Saturday, Grasso and Shevchenko battled valiantly, with each combatant showing flashes of brilliance. Although either woman deserved to win, Judge Mike Bell’s shocking 10-8 score in Round 5 led to the only tie in UFC championship history.
During their post-fight interview, Grasso said to UFC analyst Daniel Cormier, “Yes, I am the winner.” Shevchenko said to Cormier inside the ring, “I think it was truly 3-2 on my side. “I believe there was some pressure on the judges because it was Mexican Independence Day… I’d come out on top in a fair contest.” Shevchenko used on her excellent takedowns to stop Grasso’s combinations and prevent the champion from pressing forward, while also attacking with a sharp jab and body kicks. At her finest, Grasso made combos at a distance and hit targets in close quarters. Momentum changes were frequent during the title battle. In Round 2, Grasso had a knockdown. In Round 3, Shevchenko nearly executed the champion with a mounted guillotine. In Round 5, Grasso miraculously managed to sneak up on Shevchenko and pursue a rear-naked choke reminiscent of her shocking triumph in March.
Regarding directing an instant trilogy with Shevchenko, Grasso was unsure. The answer is, “It depends,” Grasso remarked. “I need to speak with my management and coaches. We’ll see what happens next. At UFC 285, Grasso defeated Shevchenko in a stunning upset, submitting the greatest female fighter in history after dodging a spinning back fist. Fans have seen a Mexican combatant become the UFC title for the third month in a row. Being the last remaining UFC champion from Mexico added pressure to Grasso as he entered Noche UFC, which took place on the Mexican Independence Day. Since moving up to women’s flyweight, Grasso (16-3-1) has won six straight matches without a loss. For the first time in her storied career, Shevchenko (23-4-1) is without a victory in two straight contests.